How Bizarre

I went to a gig last night, Chuck Reagan, in Manchester. Most enjoyable it was. Ben (@ctznsmith) gave me a lift, which was most kind of him.

On the way home we were discussing our bikes past and present. I spoke of my old Schwinn Powermatic (a BMX bike not a washing machine). Ben said he used to have one of those, with the kink in the down tube.

“Yes, thats the one. I sold it on eBay about 7 years ago. Royal mail lost the pedals and original fork and bars so I had to claim off them and then sent a cheque to the purchaser to make up for it.”

“Really?” says Ben, “I bought my Schwinn off eBay, and the pedals and bars and stuff got lost in the post. And then I got sent a cheque …”

And the realisation happened whilst we drove past my old flat in Kirkstall from where the entire transaction took place.
Ben was living in Southampton at the time. I only met Ben for the first time last year.


here, just before the sale, in all its glory.

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