It all keeps adding up, my frame is cracking up…

After three very hard years of ownership, my Trek 1000 has finally given up the ghost. This was my commuter/winter bike, and it has been through a lot. Crashed into by a deaf (and apparently blind) octogenarian, crashed into by an inattentive Jaguar driver, crashed by me every winter because of black ice, knocked over by my clumsy (but lovely) girlfriend, you get the idea.

Happier times..
Happier times...

Riding to work last week I noticed a distinct wobble when getting up out of the saddle, and on further inspection I discovered this:
Stay off crack
Stay off crack
That’s about as terminal as it gets, I think. On the plus side, it has given me an opportunity to make a quality investment in my future transport. All will be revealed after I get back from France, did I mention I was going to France? To Mont Ventoux? To watch Le Tour de France? That’s right. You’re as green as Mark Cavendish’s sprinter’s jersey, eh?

2 thoughts on “It all keeps adding up, my frame is cracking up…

  1. 3 years…pfft they don’t make frames like they used to! Although with your tendency to crash, it’s done well. 😉

  2. Carl, all the trouble you have caused by pushing Thor in the final straight of Stage 14 has not gone un-noticed my friend!!!

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