The New Functionality.

I ride for fun. For leisure. For fitness.  But primarily I ride to get from A to B. I would say at least 90% of my bike riding involves going to and from work or to the shops.  The function of the bicycle as a mode of transport is surely the most important one. The reason why bikes are so great is that they get you places, and you have fun and keep fit to boot! I think in the UK most people view bikes not as a mode of transport, but as toys, things you had when you were a kid when you weren’t old enough to drive.  I wish people saw the bicycle for what it is, a superb mode of transport.

A superb mode of transport.
A superb mode of transport.

Even if the average Joe acknowledges this, they still won’t entertain actually USING one for a variety of reasons (all of which are stupid of course). “It rains too much” Get mudguards and a mac. “I can’t carry my shopping/laptop/etc” Get pannier racks and a basket. “It’s too slow” I’ll be the one riding past you while you’re stuck in a traffic jam. “I’m not fit enough” Better start riding then, eh? A bike doesn’t have to look cool, it doesn’t have to be expensive, it just has to FUNCTION. Utility! Utility! Utility! This website pretty much sums up what I’m driving (or should that be riding) at.

Basically, if it’s got two wheels and pedals then ride it. Unless of course it’s a Recumbent. Recumbents are bad.

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