Spray paint the walls bike

So I’ve finished the frame for my commuter/beater. Voila!

It's very green!
It's very green!

It actually looks way more professional in the picture than it actually is, so lessons learnt?

  1. Increased time and patience will result in a better finish.
  2. If you are stripping back to bare metal make sure you strip it all the way back all over, don’t leave yourself 45 minutes to strip it before rushing off somewhere else like I did!
  3. Get more paint than you think you will need, I used 1.5 cans of primer, 2 cans of colour and 1 can of clear coat. I probably could have used more.
  4. When you clear coat if anything touches the wet finish it will leave not only dust in your finish but may take off the underlying colour.
  5. Find somewhere you can position you frame so it is easy to get all the way around it.
  6. Be prepared for the fact that over spray creates paint dust literally everywhere!
  7. Lastly just do it! If you have an old frame knocking around give it a go, it’s really fun and nice to see the result of your efforts.

I guess I should mention that my ‘rad decals’ are stickers I cut up for the band New Bruises, go check them out they rock. The coffee mug on the front is cut off a poster so I’m pretty sure it’s going to be gone on the first ride as it’s literally held on with pritt stick and clear coat.

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